Hello everyone. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know it’s been a long hiatus for me and it’s kind of sucked. I’ve been trying my best to get back into the groove of rping in this fandom but it isn’t quite working for me. I’ve sort of moved on already, found a great new fandom home, and don’t really count on coming back. I already miss rping Batter but… It’s for the better.

Consider this account officially closed from roleplaying.

I don’t intend to come back but that could change some day. I’ll be leaving this account open for the possibility of picking it up some day and also so anyone who wants to read over old logs/look at art/read my writing can still find it here. If you need to get in contact with me, you can always find me on my personal tumblr account.

It was a pleasure role-playing with all of you!

"M-Mister Batter if you n-need something to eat I-um Ive b-been learning to make muffins ^^"


"I need something with much more blood.”

How lucky… I wouldn’t have saved him at all.

I would have had something much different in mind.


bath batter
*Grabs Batter's collar and yanks him down without permission, tipping his mask up just enough to peck the Batter on the chin before making on his way.*

The Batter was somewhat surprised by the sudden motion and kiss to his chin, looking just as straight-faced before the encounter as he was after. Even maintaining his expression he was still thoroughly confused, wondering what in the world the abrupt kiss was for.



>goes to do pchat
>this happens
>wonders where I went wrong in life


… I can explain.

>goes to do pchat>this happens>wonders where I went wrong in life
Hello good sir, I do not mean to bother you,but I am curious. I have seen a good number of the RPs you do involve 'vore' and I am just wondering, what exactly is vore? I have tried some searching, and I just don't seem to really grasp the idea behind it besides it being about eating people/being eaten. I do not mean to sound ignorant, I am just uncertain in this subject, and I was hoping you could shed some light on it for me. Thank you for your time.

[Perfectly acceptable question! I’m not offended at all I understand that not everyone knows every kind of fetish in the universe so I don’t mind explaining.

Vore is of course a fetish, but the word itself doesn’t precisely mean cannibalism or always sexual happenings as most people to believe. There’s a lot of different types of it, but I’ll help you understand by explaining the most common two.]

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[In case you skipped out on my about page, I have PSE/photosensitive epilepsy! And that one dedan gif with the white/red drastic flashes is starting to really get to me. Just please tag it with ‘epilepsy' or something so I'm not taken to the hospital. Thank you!]

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